I’m the Principal ML BD at AWS Startups, EMEA, and a startup advisor / angel investor.
I’ve built startups to funding and/or exits as an operator and am a previous founder.
I work with startups and leading venture capital firms to support builders grow from pre-seed to late rounds/exits.


I'm an Advisor at Deepzen where I focus on AI Voice infrastructure (TTS/NLP).
I'm the Principal ML BD, AWS Startups where I shape AWS's AI/ML startup strategy
across EMEA and work with tier 0 founders and VCs to support builders grow on AWS

Consultant at, where I focused on reasoning engines and knowledge graphs (acquired by Meltwater).
Consultant and Advisor at Oxtractor where I focused on DeepLearning for NLP.
Consultant at StreetDrone, where I focused on autonomous vehicles (Series A).
Director at cheqd where I focused on decentralised identity and blockchain.
Consultant at aigaming, where I focused on coding platforms (IBM X Prize).
Co-founder of Pidge raised from Oxford University Innovation, European Space Agency, Vodafone.
Director at Kernel, where I focused on helping numerous AI/ML (seed-B) startups defeat the cold start problem and find PMF.
Principal at Bodychillz, where I focused on GTM and Strategy.
I also regularly contribute to ThirdBridge, the RSA, the Oxford Blockchain Foundation and founded the Oxford Hackathon Society.


I provide Advisory Services for start-ups seeking help with:
1. Raising funds (pre-seed, seed, A) in UK, EU, US and Africa. I typically bring in tactical Angels pending vertical and can move to B. I also invest myself pending team, product, existing cap, valuation.
2. Strategy: GTM, models, advise. Typically I work with US based teams looking to scale in EMEA.
3. Hiring: sales, bd hires from my network. I have an especially strong network for senior tech sales, BD, and CRO operators.
4. BD (training, best practices, tooling, implementation, technical end-to-end sales).
5. Leadership (coaching founders, c-suite and senior stakeholders).
6. Product (focus on product-partnerships, product strategy, working from customer backwards).
7. Ecosystem (design, management, models).
To learn more, get in touch via contact